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BBC criticized for replacing ‘Mamma Mia’ show Star with AI in a Documentary

The BBC has recently faced criticism after it was revealed that an actress, Sara Poyzer, was replaced by an artificial voice in a highly sensitive documentary. The decision to use AI instead of the actress was made in order to honor the wishes of the family of the person whose voice is being recreated in the documentary.

Context and Justification

The BBC has defended its decision, stating that they are making a highly sensitive program and are working closely with the family. The use of AI in this case has sparked a debate about the potential impact of artificial intelligence on the acting industry. As outrage rose, they provided some context to justify their use of AI in this particular situation. The BBC explained that the documentary features a contributor who is nearing the end of life and is now unable to speak. By using AI to recreate the voice of this person, the BBC aims to accurately represent their story and experiences. It is important to note that the decision to use AI in this case was made in consultation with the family and with their approval.

Concerns and Debate

The use of AI to replace an actress has raised concerns within the acting community. Some argue that this could lead to actors being deprived of work and that their likeness may be used without their consent or adequate remuneration. There are also concerns about the emotional and expressive capabilities of AI, which may not be able to fully capture the nuances and depth of human performances.

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