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Digital Connectivity and Social Media Trends in Saudi Arabia

Analysis of 2024 Data

The digital landscape in Saudi Arabia has shown remarkable growth and evolution, especially in terms of internet usage, social media engagement, and mobile connectivity. To provide a comprehensive overview of these trends, we explored the key findings of the “State of Digital in Saudi Arabia in 2024” report by Kepios, highlighting how digital adoption and behavior have evolved.

Internet Usage and Penetration

As of early 2024, Saudi Arabia reported 36.84 million internet users, translating to a penetration rate of 99.0% of the total population. This indicates almost universal access to the internet among the Saudi population, underpinned by a year-on-year growth of 1.4%. Such high penetration rates are indicative of a highly connected society, where digital platforms are likely integral to daily life.

Social Media Usage

Social media has seen significant uptake in Saudi Arabia, with 35.10 million users as of January 2024, accounting for 94.3% of the population. This growth represents a substantial 20.6% increase from the previous year, suggesting a booming social media landscape. With 95.3% of internet users engaging on social media platforms, it’s clear that social networks are a dominant force in digital communication and entertainment in the country.

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Mobile Connectivity

The mobile connection data is equally impressive, with 49.89 million active cellular connections early in 2024, equivalent to 134.1% of the total population. This over-100% rate reflects a common global trend of individuals owning multiple SIM cards or mobile devices, emphasizing the mobile-first nature of internet access in Saudi Arabia.

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To better understand the social media landscape, let’s compare the user base and growth of key platforms between early 2023 and 2024:

Social Media PlatformUsers in Early 2024Growth from Early 2023Penetration Rate
Facebook14.60 million+35.8%39.2% of total population
YouTube28.30 million-2.7%76.0% of total population
Instagram16.30 million+30.9%43.8% of total population
TikTok35.10 million (18+)+33.0%95.3% of internet users
Snapchat22.64 million+7.0%60.8% of total population
X (formerly Twitter)16.84 million+8.7%45.3% of total population
LinkedIn8.90 million+21.9%23.9% of total population
Facebook Messenger9.60 million+26.3%25.8% of total population

This table underscores the dynamic nature of the social media environment in Saudi Arabia, with significant growth across most platforms. Notably, TikTok shows an impressive reach among adults, indicating its rising popularity. Conversely, YouTube experienced a slight decrease in its potential ad reach, hinting at shifts in content consumption preferences.

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