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UAE Sets Sights on 6G Leadership with Ambitious 2030 Roadmap

In a groundbreaking announcement, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has unveiled its comprehensive strategy to implement the sixth generation of mobile networks (6G) before the year 2030. This ambitious initiative is set to revolutionize the telecommunications landscape, not only within the nation but also on a global scale.

The Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) of the UAE has been at the forefront of this technological push, releasing a detailed roadmap that outlines the country’s plans to transition to 6G. This move aligns with the UAE’s broader vision to establish itself as a hub for the new economy and to foster a digitally integrated society.

A Leap into the Future: The 6G Vision

The 6G network promises unprecedented capabilities, including the digital transmission of human senses such as taste, touch, and smell, with minimal latency and exceptional precision. This breakthrough is expected to enable a plethora of innovative use cases, ranging from advanced robotics to transformative healthcare applications like remote surgery and diagnostics.

Eng. Majed Sultan Al Mesmar, Director General of TDRA, emphasized the alignment of the 6G plan with the UAE’s long-term goals, stating, “The 6G Roadmap resonates with the futuristic directives of our wise leadership, reinforcing the UAE’s commitment to maintaining leadership and excellence in the field of ICT.

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Strategic Steps Towards 6G

The UAE’s journey towards 6G will involve spearheading research and studies concerning the advancement of International Mobile Telecommunications technology (IMT2030). The roadmap includes the establishment of a committee to drive scientific studies, research, and the development of technical standards.

In collaboration with key stakeholders such as telecom service providers and academic institutions, the TDRA aims to ensure that the 6G network becomes a testament to the UAE’s continued leadership in telecommunications. The initiative also underscores the UAE’s dedication to environmental sustainability, digital inclusion, and enhanced security and privacy measures.

Global Collaboration and Development

The UAE’s 6G strategy is not an isolated endeavor. It is part of a larger international effort to develop radio technical standards and specifications for the next generation of mobile service. The decisions made during the Radiocommunication Assembly 2023 (RA-23), hosted by the UAE, have laid the groundwork for the forthcoming development of network standards.

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