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Google Generative Search Experience: Revolutionizing the Search Experience

Cathy Edwards, Vice President and General Manager, Search Discovery & Ecosystems, speaks at Google I/O on May 10, 2023 about how we’re bringing generative AI to Google Search.

Google Generative Search Experience (GSE) was announced in January 2023. It is a new initiative from Google AI that aims to improve the search experience by using artificial intelligence to generate more informative and relevant results.

GSE is still under development, but it has the potential to revolutionize the way we search for information online. Here is a summary of what GSE will add to Google search:

  • More informative results: GSE will use AI to generate more informative and relevant results for search queries. For example, if you search for “how to make a cake,” GSE might generate a step-by-step recipe with video instructions.
  • More personalized results: GSE will also use AI to personalize results based on your individual interests and search history. For example, if you frequently search for information about chocolate cakes, GSE might show you more results about chocolate cakes when you search for “cake.”
  • More interactive results: GSE will also generate more interactive results, such as quizzes, games, and simulations. This will make the search experience more engaging and informative.

GSE is still under development, so it is difficult to say how practical it will be when it is released to the public. However, the potential benefits of GSE are clear. GSE could make the search experience more informative, personalized, and interactive. This could make it easier for people to find the information they need, and it could make the search experience more enjoyable overall.

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Here are some examples of how GSE could be used in practice:

  • A student could use GSE to get a quick overview of a topic they are studying for school.
  • A researcher could use GSE to find new insights and perspectives on a topic they are working on.
  • A shopper could use GSE to compare products and find the best deal.

GSE has the potential to be a valuable tool for anyone who uses Google search. It could help people learn new things, find new information, and get things done more efficiently.

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